Board Members

  (L to R: Nancy Noel, Emma Shifflett, Kathy Tatum, Gina Piro, Victoria Grady (Board member through 12/2016), Deanne Davenport, Karen Kallay, and Tracy Ringquist (Interim Director).)
 Board Member Bio's

Karen Kallay, President, Fredericksburg 

Karen has worked for the County of Los Angeles as a Welfare Worker, for the Adam Walsh Child Resource Center as a developer of community resources, and ten years for the Orange County Community Foundation (California) as a grants officer and scholarship coordinator. Her difficulties with depression and anxiety then caused her to lose her job and general health. Her struggle across several years brought her to Virginia to join her grown children and put her in contact with programs like the Wellness Recovery Action Plan. She found her next career as an advocate to promote increased availability of resources for people struggling for mental health in the Rappahannock Area and the State.

She has gone on to become certified by National Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health America to facilitate various programs and is active in both organizations locally. She has been appointed by the City of Fredericksburg to be one of their representatives on the Rappahannock Area Community Services Board.  She is active with the statewide grassroots organization Virginia Organizing as they promote healthcare access in general and Medicaid Expansion in particular (the largest funder of mental health in the nation). She serves as a representative of this region as a citizen advisor at Western State Hospital (state-run mental health facility) and serves on the Mary Washington Healthcare Citizen Advisory Council, Behavioral Health Group.


Nancy Noel, Secretary, Stafford

Nancy Noel has been a resident of Falmouth for 20 years. She is in her 30th year of teaching, currently the past 13 years on the full-time faculty in the English Department at Germanna Community College. Prior to moving here, she taught English in junior high and high school for 16 years. She did her undergraduate work at VT and her graduate work at VCU.

She was diagnosed at the age of 40 with clinical depression and anxiety after a year-long bout with the illness and contemplation of suicide. An excellent psychiatrist with medical management and a skilled therapist have been lifesavers. Since her diagnosis, Nancy has been very open about her illness as she was relieved to discover that there was a bio-chemical reason for her moods, behavior, and emotions.

Upon her retirement after 30 years of teaching in Virginia, she was awarded Faculty Emerita status by Germanna Community College on May 1, 2015. This is the highest honor and recognition that can be bestowed on a retiring full-time college or university faculty member. It is awarded for excellence in teaching, service to the College, and service to the community. Only four previous retirees have received the honor at Germanna, and Nancy is the first woman to be named Emerita. 

Nancy shares her story and her life-long struggle with her students every opportunity she gets to help educate and de-stigmatize mental illness. She welcomed the opportunity to serve as a member of RIM’s Board of Directors. She has previously served on two other boards prior to moving to the Fredericksburg area.


  Emma F Shifflett, Treasurer, Stafford

Emma was born and raised in Stafford County. All three of her family members have passed away. They shaped her life in positive ways. The influence of their Southern Baptist beliefs gave her a base of faith, hope and integrity. Early in her elementary years her mother was placed in hospitals for mental health and dependence on drugs the Doctor gave her. Back then he lived in the same development, so he could come by with a shot. During the next years Emma had to help her Dad and Brother to run the house. Little did she or her brother know that this was a disorder that would haunt both of them as well. They all found medications to help control the illness so that they could live fairly normal lives.

Emma graduated from Stafford Senior High School and Germanna Community College. She is married, had a son, and is currently married to her second husband of almost 5 years. He is her best friend. She has held a variety of office jobs. Some involved extensive financial and data tracking. She is an active volunteer at her church. After getting help from the day program at Snowden and from the WRAP workshops, she would like to help others in some small way. She was able to get back into the game of life, and feels others can, too, one day at a time.



Kathy Tatum, Vice President, Spotsylvania

Kathy has lived in the Fredericksburg area for over 15 years. She has owned and operated her own business since 2006. This experience has given her a lot of insight into marketing, community outreach, budgeting and accounting, and personnel management. She has learned ways to be creative and efficient with a small expense budget.
Through the operations of her business she has developed contacts with many other members of the community such as other businesses, youth groups, financial institutions, and non profit agencies.
She has been a major supporter of the local YMCA for many years and is now excited about assisting Recovery in Motion in their mission. She has seen the benefits that mental health care can provide to those in need, improving the quality of their life and making them productive members of society.

Gina Piro, Stafford, VA

I am a retired professional and loving it! My background comes from a position as Office Manager for a large IT corporation. I have experience in every aspect office management from human resources to accounting to conference planning (read party planning!). I am a San Diego transplant who moved to Virginia for family obligations.

(Photo and Bio coming soon)  
Deanne Davenport