Support Center:  Most of all, the Support Center provides a welcoming and safe place to belong and heal.  The recovering individual can rebuild their social skills and confidence while enrolling in a variety of activities. The Center is open Wednesday through Friday from 1:00 - 5:00 pm and Saturday from 12:00 to 5:00 pm.  We look forward to adding activities, services and open hours throughout the course of the year.   Below is a picture of our multi-purpose activity room.



Location: Office and activities are on the second floor in the Goodwill Community Resource Center at 4701 Market St., Suite C, Fredericksburg VA 22408.  This is the former Gallahan's furniture store near the Lee's Hill Shopping Center and Golden Corral Restaurant.  It's also near bus stops for five Fred Bus lines, slightly West of Route 1 and north of the Massaponax exit of Interstate 95.  Our space is upstairs, in what is called the "Collaboration Zone", to the left of the stairs.  Please ring the doorbell on the RIM sign to let us know you are here. 

Help with Personal Goals:  These are self-identified by the Member in one-on-one discussions with Wellness Coaches.  Strategies, resources, and milestones are identified and encouraged. 

Motivation:  Recovery in Motion will offer services to support individuals with mental health challenges.  Staff and other Members will offer respect, examples of success, caring, and renewed motivation to do the work to feel better.  The Coach and other Members are there to celebrate successes and support through challenging times. 

Holistic Health:  Classes and activities address emotional, social, physical, and spiritual health.  Emotional well-being activities include a variety of arts and crafts recreational classes, meditation, learning one’s triggers and self-help tools.  RIM holds many social activities which include some structured recreation to promote interaction and communication with others.  This includes such information or activities as stretching, movement to music, nutritional information,  motivators, and yoga.

Employment-Related Activities: We honor part-time and full-time, paid and volunteer, regular and intermittent work to benefit others.  Roles at the Center can give the recovering individual new skills and the satisfaction of contributing that still recognizes that recovery includes a variety of personal experiences.   A professionally staffed employment center run by Rappahannock Goodwill Industries is open to the general public at no cost next door to the RIM Service Center.  Internet connected computers and many online training resources will be available at both sites.  

Evidence Based Wellness Education Programs:  Either Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) or other evidenced-based, strengths-based wellness education programs, like Pathways to Recovery will be offered on a regular basis.  

Peer-to-Peer:  Courses on mental health challenges and ways to cope, developed by National Alliance on Mental Illness, may be offered in response to demand and availability of certified facilitators.

Center Membership: When the Center is open, visitors are welcome to walk in without an appointment and will be welcomed by a Peer receptionist.  Neither a diagnosis nor a professional referral is needed.  After a visitor has a chance to become acquainted, they will be invited to become a Member.  A Code of Conduct must be agreed to and signed.  Among other things, this keeps the facility free of smoking, weapons, drugs, and abusive behavior.  Membership includes the privilege of voting on activities staff will provide.

Skilled Staff:  All paid and volunteer staff have completed training appropriate to their roles, whether received elsewhere or at the Center.  

Community Services:  Recovery in Motion hopes to maintain and expand services it had begun in community libraries, churches and hospitals in Stafford, Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg.  These are primarily support groups and arts and crafts activities.  Check the   Calendar for specifics.