The requirements to become a Member are designed to ensure a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for healing and growth.  They are:
  • Be at least 18 years old,
  • Have lived experience with mental health challenges and/or a substance use disorder,
  • Intend to work with Peers to reclaim mental health and general wellness,
  • Have provided contact information (Membership Application) that includes any key supporters, all of which is kept confidential, and
  • Have agreed to abide by the Code of Conduct (see Publications).
Members are asked to contribute what they can, whether it be a smile to a Peer, an occasional snack, outreach to other Peers or new supporters, or monetary donations.
We continue to email or mail to over 200 Peers a monthly newsletter with self-help tools, information about resources and local events, inspirational affirmations and our calendar of events at the Center.  Before the Center opened, over 20 Peers took steps to become official Members.  About a third are from City of Fredericksburg and Counties of Stafford and Spotsylvania, respectively.   Our goal is to be working with at least 50 Members by mid 2014.