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Course Descriptions 

Accountabilibuddies: During some of RIM’s support and discussion groups, several members have set “mini-goals,” encouraged each other and celebrated successes. Now, we are taking this to a new level by making it a weekly event. Saturdays, from 3 until 3:15 we will focus on working toward improving our daily lives – getting on with tasks we need (or want) to do but just don’t have the energy or motivation to carry out. It’s amazing how much inspiration can come from just knowing that another person actually cares! We will set simple goals, cheer each other on, share our accomplishments, empathize with our struggles and be accountable to our buddies! Please join us - Accountabilibuddies get things done!

Birthday Pizza & Salad Party: We supply pizza and salad greens and ask that you bring something to share for the salad. Our featured guest speaker will be Chloe Fulcher from DARS, the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services. Chloe is a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. She will be speaking to us about the services DARS can offer to the community including job readiness, job placement, job training and other employment related services.

Chair Yoga: March 10, 24, 31 only. Is yoga for everyone? Some have the misconception that yoga is only for the young or the slender or the flexible. Actually, yoga can help you become flexible, you can do it even if you're not slender, and you can also do it if you find it difficult to get up and down from the floor. Our two January yoga sessions will be chair yoga. This means that all our poses will be sitting in a chair or standing near it. We may use the chair creatively, as we are able, but we will not need floor mats. You are invited whether it is your first time to yoga or your thousandth time. Although yoga is usually done barefoot, this yoga is done using non-skid shoes with no heel such as sneakers.

Coping with Trauma: A support group for individuals whose challenges include an element of trauma, whether cumulative or based on a single event. Come share and receive support around the challenges of coping with trauma. Group is facilitated by a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist with lived PTSD experience and trained in trauma informed care.

Discussion Group: The facilitator will make a short presentation related to the topic, typically these have been 15 – 20-minute vide-os or may include handouts. Participants are invited to bring anything of interest related to a topic; cartoons, quotations, short articles, personal experiences, etc. Our focus, as usual, is strength-based; we mention a problem and quickly switch our conversation to problem solving. For March: 10 - Second Saturday 8 Week Series: Joy. A by-product of a life well lived. Week 2: HUMILITY. Humility allows us to celebrate the gift of others but it does not mean do you have to deny your own gifts or shrink from using them. 17 - Tools for Transition - On the third Saturday of the next few months, we will learn about some tools that may be useful as we work toward recovery from our mental health and/or substance use challenges. Today we will talk about some hints for improving self-esteem. 24 - Write your own script - You are a gift to the world. Create a life of fulfillment by adding courage to your story. 31 - Collage and Conversation - A fifth-Saturday respite from our usual discussions. We'll focus on the positive: Things we're grateful for, as we wield glue sticks, cut-outs, and share our strengths.

Drop in: This is an open time that you’re welcome to stop by and say hi to Maryclaire or ask her questions; come in and do a puzzle in the classroom; peruse our library; just an excuse to come in and interact with someone.

General Support Group: Support groups bring together people facing similar issues, whether that's illness, relationship problems or major life changes. Members of support groups often share experiences and advice. It can be helpful just getting to talk with other people who are in the same boat. The day’s topics will be determined by participants.

Meditation: On Saturdays at noon we're doing meditation designed to calm the mind. It's called shamatha meditation, and we usually do it by focusing on the breath or some other anchor to help our mind be more still. We typically start with a guided meditation lasting 8-15 minutes, and then sit in silence for 5-15 minutes. The entire meditation is usually 20 minutes total, and after-ward we share about our own experience with meditation.

Sit & Stitch & Color & Converse: Time for knitting, crochet, or any other craft project. Sitting and chatting are also welcome! This is a self-led group, with experienced crafters willing to help any level of experience.

Women’s Self-Empowerment: Would you like to know more about how to take control of your own life, set goals, make positive choices, and believe in yourself? Join in the learning and questioning as we explore the many aspects of self-empowerment and discover helpful strategies and free resources. Topics for March: 2 - Courage: How courageous are you? More than you think! 7 - Values: Come examine your values and beliefs. 14 - Hope: Discover the power of hope and how it can help you heal. 21 - Losing Negativity: Banish those negative thoughts and trade them in for new positive ones! 28 - Disaster Preparedness: Learn how to pack an emergency kit in case of a natural disaster.

Women’s Support Group: Support groups bring together women facing similar issues, whether that's illness, relationship problems or major life changes. Members of support groups often share experiences and advice. It can be helpful just getting to talk with other people who are in the same boat. The day’s topics will be determined by participants.

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