LaymanŐs overview of Pharmacogenomic Testing    May 2015


Some of the major testing providers are Genelex, Iverson Genetics, Genomics, GeneceptÉ


Distinctions between two major purposes of testing

A.  For heredity and geneology

B.  For medical purposes

  1. To identify predisposition for various diseases
  2. To guide selection and dosages of prescriptive medications


Purpose A can be obtained directly by individuals for about $100 - $200 for testing results plus costs of shipping the test mechanism which is usually a cheek swab.

Medical testing must be ordered by physician.  Providers claim that Medicare and most other insurances will cover Ňappropriate testingÓ that may help diagnose or treat current conditions.


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Background provided by, one of many commercial for-profit testing providers:


The enzymes that are affected by your genes belong to a large family called CYP450. Just a few of the many CYP450 enzymes do most of the work required to metabolize the drugs we take. After a drug is metabolized, it is eliminated from the body. These enzymes are extremely important, because the effect they have on drugs can change – sometimes drastically – the effect that drugs have on us. Approximately 85 % of Americans have genetic variations that influence how these enzymes metabolize drugs.

Your unique profile for each of these enzymes has been identified. The YouScript¨ Personalized Prescribing System then developed a report to explain how each of your enzymes metabolizes drugs. The results of this test will not change in your lifetime. Each enzyme that was tested is categorized as follows:

In addition to describing how your enzymes metabolize drugs, your report also provides detailed information and prescribing recommendations about each of the drugs you are currently taking.